Saturday, 24 December 2016

I nearly didn't make it.

I wanted to just post a couple of pictures in time for Christmas but I very nearly didn't make it.
Last week while rendering the Christmas card my machine suddenly went POP, Twice!
It was dead and, I knew deep down, that it was entirely my own fault, how fucking stupid could I get?
I finally did it you see, I got that second graphics card that I wanted, one GTX 980 and £595 quid later I synced the two together, never once giving any thought to what this would do to my 600 watt PSU, well, two Pops and a few sparks was the answer and then it died, mercifully this was all very quick.
The week before Crimbo is always a very stressful time for couriers I'm sure, but this was an emergency, if they couldn't help me, who could? Well, no-one is the answer and they didn't seem to give a seasonal fig about me or my plight, and so the week long wait was on.
Did my motherboard survive? I doubt it, did my GPU's survive? Probably, hopefully. Did my RAM survive? Who gives a shit there two a penny(ish)
Finally Christmas eve arrived and there was the lovely courier, I even gave him a tip, "Never keep me waiting like that again." but he didn't seem to take it on board, I didn't care, I now had 900 watts of sheer brute force, all of which, of course, would be of absolutely no use to me if the last one took the motherboard with it!
I carefully removed every component and set all up in a cosy cardboard box, it's a non-conductor of static you see, and I was not about to take any chances. One hour later and everything was set and ready for my equivalent of the famous Blackpool illuminations. Slowly the index finger of my right hand made it's way to the power button and, with a heavy sigh, pressed said button.

"HEY FUCKING PRESTO." I shouted as the whole thing burst into life.
"IT'S ALIVE, ALIVE." I screamed quietly, whilst taking great care not to alert the neighbors.

So rendering went into over drive and here, dear friends, is the result, your Christmas card with love affection to you all, mostly.
I call it "A wee dram for the big man."

(Click to enlarge)

And we're not done there, oh no. This year, instead of a panto that cast and crew decided to do a whole night dedicated to Queen, no, not the royal one, the band, with Freddie Mercury, it was a huge success thanks to the new power unit.

(Click to enlarge)

Merry, Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Xmas Doc - it's a kind of magic ;)

  2. im back xd.. glad to see ur still around..i was expecting to see the game released on christmas hehehe seems we will need to wait a lit bit more..... hype! ´at this point im not aware of any other creators of aif games with pictures so we are counting on you hehe

  3. Come back, come back! o.O

    1. I haven't gone anywhere, just plodding along.

  4. can we get n update pls :)

  5. Soon, other things happening in our Capital at the moment!!

  6. Ehi can we get an update pls

  7. Are you still around? Is the project abandoned?